Celebrities Who Advocate The Redistribution of Wealth But Who Don’t Redistribute Their Wealth (American Edition)

Michael Moore

Fat boy Michael Moore has long pretended to care about the poor. Let’s see if his net worth leaves any wriggle room for him to donate some to the needy!

It seems it does — Michael Moore’s net worth: $50 million.

Michael Moore has 166 times more money than they average American. Sounds like you’re taking to big a portion of the pie, fat boy.

Rage Against the Machine

Zack De La Rocha and Tom Morello from the Marxist band Rage Against the Machine:

Zack De La Rocha’s net worth: $50 million

Tom Morello’s net worth: $30 million

The average American has a net worth of $301,000.

This means Tom Morello has 100 times more money than the average American. Zack De La Rocha has 166 times more money than the average American. In other words, for every cent you have Morella has a dollar and De La Rocha a dollar sixty-six.




Invaders Destroy Holiday Cabin In Denmark

Courtesy of Infowars:

“The mattresses have been jumped on and urinated on. Bonfires have been made on my carpets, so there are large burn marks and there’s pee in the corners. My big dining table is broken into pieces as firewood. Everything is torn completely apart, and only the lamps have survived,” she says to the Danish newspaper BT[…]

“I felt both, I did a good deed, and I would also be able to earn some money, and I felt comfortable with it, since I only rented out to families with children. But after only five days all the furniture were destroyed. Friends have told me that on weekends asylum seekers came from centers nearby and held huge parties. The living room was used as a cycling track and for roller skating.”[…]

“I sat down one day and cried down at the asylum center and told them that it hurts that they destroyed my house, but the staff down there just did not care when I told that I could not find my six leather sofas, which it turned out they had destroyed and moved into their rooms,” she says.

Migrants Trash Holiday Homes, Pee On Floor, Burn Carpets


Senegalese Invader Rapes Teenager 1 Month After Arriving In Germany

Courtesy of the Daily Express:

The 25-year-old Senegalese man, who has his own family, had came to Germany as a refugee just one month before the alleged attack.

The accused rapist had been given accommodation in the town of Muhldorf am Inn in the southern province of Bavaria.

According to police, the man, identified as Assane N, had often pestered local women for sex.

He attacked his victim after stopping her outside a nightclub and asking her to wait a second.

He then snatched her mobile phone, and when she asked for it back, he had asked for a kiss.

When she refused, he dragged her into the bushes and allegedly raped her as many as four times.


Study: Europeans Want Closed Borders

Germans appear to be losing faith in the idea of a borderless Europe, as the results of a poll published on Tuesday showed that two-thirds would prefer the government to end the Schengen free-movement zone.

The survey by French pollsters Ifop found that while 60 percent of Italians were against Schengen – an agreement which allows people to travel within the EU without showing a passport – across the Rhine the number of French people wanting borders closed was as high as 72 percent.


Afghan Invader Rapes Girl On Second Day In Sweden

Courtesy of Breitbart:

A migrant who claimed to be underage, but wasn’t, raped a 15 year old girl on the day after he got to Sweden.

The Afghan migrant who came to Sweden back in December has recently been convicted of the rape a 15 year old girl. The migrant applied for asylum in Sweden as an unaccompanied minor. The man submitted his request for asylum on December 14th and the very next day was arrested by Swedish police after he had raped a 15 year-old girl at the asylum home where he was placed, reports Sweden’s Friatider.