A 10-Year Snapshot of Multicultural Vibrancy: How Immigrants Have Culturally Enriched France

2005: In a riot that lasted 3 weeks, thousands of non-whites rioted over a period of 3 weeks, killing 2 people, injuring 128 police officers, damaging 9,000 vehicles. 200 million euros worth of damage was done.

2007: 2 or 3 days of rioting took place. 130 police officers were injured, one of whom lost an eye. Over 80 cars and buildings were torched.

2009: 13 police officers were injured and 317 cars were torched in more rioting.

2012: A man named ‘Mohammed’ kills 7 people, including school children.

2014: 21 people are run over by 2 men in cars, both while yelling “Allah Akbar”. Fortunately, only 1 person is killed.

2015: Muslims massacre 20 and leave 22 wounded after taking offense at a cartoon.

2015: Muslims slaughter 132 people.


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